Artist Statement

     My painterly work is made through many different approaches and processes. Computers and available technology are involved in some way for each step of my work. What interests me about using technology are the ways in which it allows me to manipulate space and time. I can make hundreds or thousands of slightly different iterations and versions of something. I find this allows me to think without certain physical restrictions, or at least with different forms of restrictions.


     My practice blends many different approaches, tools and processes to explore artifacts which emerge as a result of this exchange. I am particularly interested in the transition of digital information into material form.

     Recently, I have been creating paintings which are constructed and rendered using open-source 3D computer graphics software. This process extends from a rich painting tradition of building maquettes and still lifes to inform paintings. These renders explore the idea of what painting might look like as a culturally constructed visual language transformed by digital interfaces.

      In my multilayered works, I use oil and acrylic to recreate a photoshop image layer system out of paint. Through photo editing, printing, projecting, and painting, these works frame moments when digital tools reshape painterly spaces.